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When a marriage ends, different people experience different emotions. Some feel relief and joy that borders on euphoria. Others may deal with a profound sense of loss and regret that borders on depression. Many people are on both ends of this spectrum, at one time or another. On top of the emotional...
Family Law
Sooner or later, a family law issue touches almost every household. When that time comes, emotions can run high, the law can be complicated, and the issues can be confusing. It is vital that the court addresses both your short-term concerns and your family's long-term goals for growth and development...
Residential Real Estate
If your family has plans to buy or sell residential real estate, an attorney can help. In addition to providing solid advice regarding owner disclosures and applicable lending laws, a lawyer can thoroughly review documents and provide aggressive representation at the closing. Perhaps more importantly...
Will And Estate Planning
Although most people would agree that current documents regarding one's estate are important, millions of Americans have never made a will. Millions more have wills that are woefully, and dangerously, out of date. Some people feel they have no assets to protect, while others believe a will is too expensive...

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Family Law, Divorce and Estate Planning Attorney

Advocating in Family Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate Matters

Everyone needs a lawyer they can trust. Whether you are experiencing the breakdown of a marriage, difficulties with a former spouse, taking action to get your estate in order, or purchasing a new home The Law Office of Judith Jenz has the knowledge and experience to effectively walk with you through the process and to stand up for your legal and financial interests.

Our success is built on relationships. Attorney Judith Jenz will take the time to get to know you personally, as well as your goals and plans for the future. Ms. Jenz can give you additional peace of mind about the future, introduce stability into an unstable family situation, and serve as your strong advocate in the courtroom.

Family Law Alert: As of July 1, 2017, Illinois child support laws have changed. Click here for more information.

Experienced Attorney and Mediator Judith Jenz

In addition to serving as an advocate in the courtroom, Ms. Jenz is a trained and certified mediator. If your family law, divorce, real estate, or estate planning matter requires mediation, Ms. Jenz can provide assistance and seek a clear resolution.

At The Law Office of Judith Jenz, we carefully limit our practice to the issues that matter most to families in DuPage County and surrounding areas. We routinely handle matters involving:

We are committed to providing cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for you and your family. Our success is built on the relationships that we enjoy with our clients. We strive to create an atmosphere that is professional and businesslike as well as warm and inviting. We provide solutions focused around your needs; you will not receive cookie-cutter representation.

Personalized Attention in Family Law, Divorce, Real Estate and Estate Planning Matters

With a broad base of experience, Ms. Jenz is devoted to seeking outcomes for clients that meet their goals. Many family law and divorce matters can be contentious, and it is possible for real estate and estate planning matters to be emotionally challenging. However, with the right guidance from an experienced attorney who understands the difficulties you face, the goals you seek are not out of reach.

All civil court matters are journeys, regardless of how "uncontested" or "simple" they may appear to be, and the foundation of our relationship is consistent and active communication throughout the process. We promptly respond to your e-mails and phone calls, and proactively keep you informed of important developments in your case.

Our simple commitment to you: personalized attention, and our best effort and our best attitude every time we perform work on your case. Come experience the difference for yourself. Contact The Law Office of Judith Jenz at 630-202-8842 today.

Family Law

family law attorney in Wheaton IL
An experienced family law attorney provides peace of mind when your family is dealing with challenging circumstances. Attorney Judith Jenz is here to help.

Real Estate

DuPage County real estate lawyer
Buying or selling a home can be a difficult matter. Working with an attorney who is experienced residential real estate can make the process clearer to understand and easier to manage.
Attorney Judith Jenz

Trained and Certified Mediator

In addition to her background as a skilled, knowledgeable family law attorney, Ms. Jenz is a trained and certified mediator. When litigation is unnecessary or can be avoided, Ms. Jenz can act as a strong mediator and provide conflict resolution to matters that concern you. Most cases end with a negotiated settlement that is approved by the judge. When this is not possible, however, Ms. Jenz can advocate for you in the courtroom.

Our simple commitment to you is our best effort and our best attitude every time we perform work on your case. Come experience the difference for yourself. Contact The Law Office of Judith Jenz at 630-202-8842 today.

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