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Sooner or later, a family law issue touches almost every household. When that time comes, emotions can run high, the law can be complicated, and the issues can be confusing. It is vital that the court addresses both your short-term concerns and your family's long-term goals for growth and development.

An experienced attorney can help ensure that the Illinois court acts sooner rather than later. At The Law Office of Judith Jenz, we understand the stress that you are under, and it is our job to minimize that burden through precise legal counsel. To that end, attorney Judith Jenz not only serves as a powerful advocate in court, but proactively informs you of important events in your case, giving you additional peace of mind.

What Our Family Law Attorneys Do

At The Law Office of Judith Jenz, we offer a full range of family law services, including, but not limited to:

  • Parentage: A paternity action not only sets up an enforceable child support obligation, but it can also allow the child's father important legal rights and the standing to request child custody or visitation after paternity is proven.
  • Prenuptial: A prenuptial agreement can put both spouses at ease and eliminates a key source of marital discord–financial matters–before conflict occurs. If a disagreement has already arisen, our lawyers can work with you and your future partner to establish a mutual agreement, in order to move on in wedded bliss.
  • Disabled Adult Services: Our attorneys are experienced in legal guardianship proceedings for disabled adults. We evaluate your circumstances, based on legal, medical, and/or financial affairs, and assist you in choosing which guardianship type may be best for your individual situation.

Our Illinois family law firm also handles matters such as grandparent visitation, protective orders, legal name changes, and adoptions.

How Family Law Proceedings Work

In the state of Illinois, most family law procedures are similar to a divorce, though the length of time of the proceedings will vary.

First, the petitioner files a formal request for a judge to take action, and the non-filing party must be given notice and an opportunity to be heard. Next, there may be a preliminary hearing, during which the judge enters temporary orders that last for the duration of the case.

Then, during the discovery phase, the parties exchange relevant information, including financial documents, medical records, and so on. In certain contested cases, a judge may order, or a party may request, a social services investigation.

Once discovery is complete, or substantially complete, the parties typically attempt to settle the matter. An experienced mediator often facilitates this process. Attorney Judith Jenz is a trained and certified mediator. With her experience as an advocate and mediator, she moves many cases to quick resolution. Most cases end with a negotiated settlement that is approved by the judge. However, if pretrial negotiation fails, the matter will proceed to trial.

At The Law Office of Judith Jenz, we value strong client relationships and will serve your needs in an efficient, personalized manner. For a confidential consultation with an attorney who understands Illinois family law processes, contact Judith Jenz at 630-202-8842.

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As of July 1, 2017, Illinois child support laws have changed. Click here for more information.

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