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Proven allegations of domestic violence, distance between the households, and other variables can significantly affect parental visitation arrangements. However, it is often in the children's best interests to have frequent and consistent contact with both parents following a separation or divorce. Therefore, most child custody plans are designed to maximize the parenting time of both the Custodial Parent and Non-Custodial Parent. In a similar vein, most divorced parents will share in the decision-making process in child-rearing issues such as religious upbringing, school attendance, and physician preference.

At The Law Office of Judith Jenz, we routinely handle child custody matters in DuPage County and nearby jurisdictions. Attorney Judith Jenz uses proven methods to deliver results in a variety of circumstances, from relatively uncontested matters to contentious trials.

As we advocate for you, we proactively keep you abreast of important developments in your case so you retain some measure of control in an emotionally difficult situation. If going to trial does not benefit your situation, Ms. Jenz is a trained and certified in mediation and has the necessary skills to effectively advocate for your interests in a negotiation.

Visitation and Joint Parenting in Illinois

Assuming that the Custodial Parent and Non-Custodial Parent can effectively co-parent--meaning they can substantially comply with a Joint Parenting Order--most judges prefer a joint custody arrangement. "Joint custody" does not necessarily mean equal custody, but it does mean that the parents will share both physical and legal custody.

In Illinois, in cases where joint custody is established, the Custodial Parent is typically the primary caregiver and decision-maker, and the Non-Custodial Parent has liberal visitation rights and significant input into important decisions. The law favors frequent and consistent contact between parents and children; needless to say, domestic violence and other variables can significantly affect this portion of the parenting plan.

Most judges are willing to accept most any mutually agreed-upon plan, particularly if both parents are represented by counsel. In the event they cannot agree, the court will look to the best interest of the children to determine an appropriate plan.

An important note is that the visitation plan is completely separate from any child support provisions. In fact, many judges take a dim view of parents who obstruct or block contact between a parent and a child based on a delinquent financial obligation. This same logic applies if there is an alleged failure to share unreimbursed medical expenses, extracurricular activity costs, and related matters.

Although we put children first at The Law Office of Judith Jenz, we never forget that the parenting plan should also uphold your legal rights. Contact Judith Jenz today at 630-202-8842 for a confidential consultation. We serve clients from our office in Wheaton, IL and are happy to provide representation to clients in DuPage County and throughout Northern Illinois.

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As of July 1, 2017, Illinois child support laws have changed. Click here for more information.

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