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"Ms. Jenz represented me in my divorce and I could not have been happier with her representation. When I would get upset, she kept things calm. She was realistic and helped me to stay grounded and to see the whole picture. She was always extremely professional. I strongly recommend Judith." - Betsy

"I consulted a couple times before hiring Ms. Jenz to redo my will and complete other legal affairs after my husband's passing. She was always very sensitive to my needs and helped me resolve various issues. I am confident everything was done well at a fair rate." - Jo-Ann

"Attorney Judith Jenz worked hard to make my divorce happen smoothly & quickly. What could’ve been drawn out for months took only 1 summer because she knew how to communicate with us to make the best possible divorce settlement for not only myself & ex husband but for our son. Judith Jenz made this a very humane experience. I highly recommend her legal expertise."

"Attorney Judi, represented my difficult divorce case. She is an amazing lawyer, very professional and detail oriented. She is hardworking, a good listener resolve complicated issues. She is always willing to assist me, very compassionate and highly competent. She understood my feeling and represented my case very well her fees are fair. She is one of the best, I recommend Judi." - Flora

"Judith was a good attorney! She represented me in Kane County. She was knowledgeable of the law. Good luck!"

"Judith Jenz was outstanding. I needed an attorney for child support modification since my ex-wife had been collecting support for my son, who no longer lived with her. I live over 2000 miles away, which made things a bit more complicated in my eyes. I found Judith on Google Maps and chose her mainly based on her close proximity to the courthouse. It just doesn't seem rational to pay an attorney his or her rates to drive back and forth to the courthouse. Reviews through the Google Maps app were limited, but promising. On the phone, she was pleasant--professional, yet friendly and sincere. My case was a bit different than most, and Judith mentioned a couple details that were not like anything she had encountered before. What gave me comfort was that she had a logical plan, which included some simple strategies to minimize cost without compromising effectiveness. Where the shock came in was that it all panned out just as she intended. She saved me thousands compared to what I have experienced with other attorneys and thousands more after successfully eliminating my support obligations. She gave great advice all along the journey, and stayed true to her word the whole way through. After this experience, I wouldn't even think about choosing another attorney. She's an honest win in my book!" - Jason

"I had consulted with several attorneys over the course of a few months and could not find a good fit for me. I couldn't help feeling like I was being scrutinized as a worthy client. After a bit of research and narrowing down the qualities I had hoped to find in my attorney, I contacted Judi because of her excellent credentials. I instantly felt at ease. Not only is she extremely professional and knowledgeable of the law, she is also personable and calming. Judi was able to keep me focused on exactly what was needed, particularly when things became emotionally charged or I started to panic. Going through a divorce is scary and full of uncertainty, but when I needed guidance or a little reassurance, Judi would answer my call or email with just the right response to calm the anxiety. She had a strategy, she was always prepared and thorough, and she made sure that I left understanding the value or risk of every decision made. I always felt heard and protected. This process has taken a year and Judi has been my advocate throughout all of it. I am satisfied with the outcome and am grateful to have had her on my team."

"Judi Jenz was so kind, positive, reassuring, honest and very patient. I felt very overwhelmed and confused, Judi calmed me down and took away my fears and tears. Judi Jenz is a great listener, paid careful attention to my issues and personal details. I often called, e-mailed and sent messages to Judi, her response was incredible. I never felt it was about money , the time that she spent with me was truly appreciated. I would never have walked away feeling so relieved , relaxed and confident if it wasn't for Judi. My life has changed, I am forever Grateful and Thankful for the Expert Council and Personalized attention to every Detail. I Highly Recommend Judi, her kind, calm and enjoyable out look has been inspiring. Judi is Outstanding!!!" - Vivian

"Judith was so great in handling my divorce that I didn't even realize my divorce had been finalized until weeks later even though she had provided me the final disposition...I guess it should've been evident but I don't do this often and was thinking I would be in court at least once to finalize the divorce!

She had me at ease throughout our time together and she handled my divorce effortlessly" - Bill

"Judy, recently represented me in a divorce. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through the same situation. Unlike other lawyers she goes out of her way to make sure you are not spending money and time on issues or items that do not make sense. She is fair, understanding and a great listener. She is very patient and kind in dealing with tough situations. She also does a great job giving you reasonable options and is one of the nicest lawyers I ever met. She was very professional and tough when she needed to be and it was a good balance to have in dealing with a divorce and other lawyer." - Joe

"Ms. Jenz is very professional yet very compassionate. She really listened to what my concerns were. Ms. Jenz did not just tell me what I wanted to hear...she was honest about how things worked under the law. Having said that, she worked really hard on by behalf for the best possible outcome and I can truly say that I am happy how my case turned out. There were times when I called her in a complete panic, I mean this was the worse time in my life, and she helped calm me down and eased any fears. I'm sure I wasn't always the easiest client to deal with, but she never made me feel that way...ever... and for that I am so grateful." - Laura

"My experience with Judith Jenz was extremely positive. She is both compassionate and practical, as well as highly skilled at building diplomacy with opposing counsel which saved us time, money, and energy. Although I've worked with other good attorneys, Judi was unequivocally the first with whom there was never a shadow of a doubt in my mind that her primary motivation was my kids' best interest. She paid attention to all the details of my case, and she was understanding of the sometimes-crazy emotions of the situation, while knowing when it was time to cut through those emotions to problem-solve effectively/efficiently. Her billing is fair, rates are reasonable, and she is clearly interested in coming up with the best solution to make a difficult situation as manageable as possible. My opinion is that Judith Jenz is one of the rare family law attorneys who truly functions as an advocate for her clients. I highly recommend her." - Heidi

"Judi did a great job getting a complicated Agreed Order completed for me and in the process I revised my will too!

She was professional and a great listener. She heard what I wanted to accomplish and helped me get there. She was available and communicated well throughout the process. I would highly recommend Judi for quick work on a will and for more complicated legal needs. She kept me on track, got creative and got the job done!!"

"I retained Judi as my attorney when my ex spouse was filing a Quadro and tried to say I was in contempt on 3 items of the divorce decree. Judi listened to my concerns and assured me we could resolve this matter. She was very organized, had me gather emails, receipts etc and presented our documentation and the charges were dismissed and resolved. She also filed a motion for contempt charges on my ex spouse and I was actually awarded my retirement back!! I was beyond thrilled at the outcome. My wife referred me to Judi because she knew her personally and I'm so thankful. She was professional, on time, organized and a very caring considerate person. Judi will be who I will recommend and I already have." - Dean

"I was very happy with Judi's legal representation. Judi was exceptionally thorough/detail-oriented in preparing legal documents. She was very responsive any time I would contact her via text, phone, or email, which can be challenging sometimes with attorneys. My case involved primarily modifying the JPA. Judi worked hard through the negotiation process and maintained a calm demeanor, given the difficulty/unreasonableness of my ex. I would highly recommend Judi!"

"I would highly recommend obtaining Judi as counsel. Aside from her proficiency and professionalism, she also helped make a difficult divorce experience more manageable. At a very vulnerable time I felt that I was in very capable hands. As a result of her efforts and successes, I was pleased with the outcome of reaching a settlement that was fair with the best interests of my family as the priority. Her understanding and caring personality balances well with her expertise in the courtroom." - Shannon

"Ms. Bolles-Jenz is highly competent, compassionate and able to communicate clearly. I had complications with divorce post-decree and she was able to resolve many issues quickly. Her fees are fair and explained fully. I highly recommend her." - Kate

"I needed some help in efforting to secure a stolen engagement ring. Judith did a wonderful job of providing me with some background information on the situation as it pertains to Illinois Court's history of similar cases and helped guide me in a good direction that would be effective in both method and cost. Thanks Judith!"

"Judi Jenz has been my attorney for over 3 years and I would highly recommend her as she is compassionate about helping her clients. She listens to what is important to you and works very hard to stay organized and on top of issues. Judi is hardworking and very knowledgable concerning the law. Judi has a sweet disposition but will not let that get in the way of speaking up in court to have her voice heard on behalf of her client. Judi was always there for me day or night and I truly feel she understood my feelings and represented me the best that she could. I would definitely recommend Judi."

"Judi is an excellent attorney. I had a difficult divorce and issues even after the divorce due to financial entanglements with my ex. Judi always does her research and is extremely prepared. I would highly recommend her." - Anita

"I enjoyed working with Judi since she always provided clear and concise advice as well as an explanation of why we needed to handle certain legal activities. She is an outstanding resource and very professional." - David

"I'm currently a client of Judith Jenz. I appreciate her professionalim and cost effectiveness while working towards completing my case. She listens, is kind and compassionate and will always advises you with these traits and her knowledge of the law." - Pamela

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