Client Testimonials

"I retained Judi as my attorney when my ex spouse was filing a Quadro and tried to say I was in contempt on 3 items of the divorce decree. Judi listened to my concerns and assured me we could resolve this matter. She was very organized, had me gather emails, receipts etc and presented our documentation and the charges were dismissed and resolved. She also filed a motion for contempt charges on my ex spouse and I was actually awarded my retirement back!! I was beyond thrilled at the outcome. My wife referred me to Judi because she knew her personally and I'm so thankful. She was professional, on time, organized and a very caring considerate person. Judi will be who I will recommend and I already have." - Dean

"I was very happy with Judi's legal representation. Judi was exceptionally thorough/detail-oriented in preparing legal documents. She was very responsive any time I would contact her via text, phone, or email, which can be challenging sometimes with attorneys. My case involved primarily modifying the JPA. Judi worked hard through the negotiation process and maintained a calm demeanor, given the difficulty/unreasonableness of my ex. I would highly recommend Judi!"

"I would highly recommend obtaining Judi as counsel. Aside from her proficiency and professionalism, she also helped make a difficult divorce experience more manageable. At a very vulnerable time I felt that I was in very capable hands. As a result of her efforts and successes, I was pleased with the outcome of reaching a settlement that was fair with the best interests of my family as the priority. Her understanding and caring personality balances well with her expertise in the courtroom." - Shannon

"Ms. Bolles-Jenz is highly competent, compassionate and able to communicate clearly. I had complications with divorce post-decree and she was able to resolve many issues quickly. Her fees are fair and explained fully. I highly recommend her." - Kate

"I needed some help in efforting to secure a stolen engagement ring. Judith did a wonderful job of providing me with some background information on the situation as it pertains to Illinois Court's history of similar cases and helped guide me in a good direction that would be effective in both method and cost. Thanks Judith!"

"Judi Jenz has been my attorney for over 3 years and I would highly recommend her as she is compassionate about helping her clients. She listens to what is important to you and works very hard to stay organized and on top of issues. Judi is hardworking and very knowledgable concerning the law. Judi has a sweet disposition but will not let that get in the way of speaking up in court to have her voice heard on behalf of her client. Judi was always there for me day or night and I truly feel she understood my feelings and represented me the best that she could. I would definitely recommend Judi."

"Judi is an excellent attorney. I had a difficult divorce and issues even after the divorce due to financial entanglements with my ex. Judi always does her research and is extremely prepared. I would highly recommend her." - Anita

"I enjoyed working with Judi since she always provided clear and concise advice as well as an explanation of why we needed to handle certain legal activities. She is an outstanding resource and very professional." - David

"I'm currently a client of Judith Jenz. I appreciate her professionalim and cost effectiveness while working towards completing my case. She listens, is kind and compassionate and will always advises you with these traits and her knowledge of the law." - Pamela

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