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Although most people would agree that current documents regarding one's estate are important, millions of Americans have never made a will. Millions more have wills that are woefully, and dangerously, out of date. Some people feel they have no assets to protect, while others believe a will is too expensive. Still others find death and disability to be uncomfortable topics. If a person dies without a comprehensive estate plan, the government will make important decisions about how minor children are raised and how property is distributed.

At The Law Office of Judith Jenz, we prepare a wide range of testamentary documents for families throughout DuPage County. These documents give you peace of mind and help you make important end-of-life decisions based on sound legal advice from an experienced attorney.

Preparing and Executing a Will

A will gives you almost total control of the disposition of your estate. Many people use a combination of proportional gifts--such as half to the children and half to a surviving spouse--and specific bequests. You can also leave assets to a religious or charitable institution and, if desired, leave instructions on how those assets are to be used.

To be legally enforceable, a will must meet rigid requirements pertaining to the formatting and implementation. In addition to advice during preparation, an experienced attorney typically offers a will signing ceremony to ease any lingering doubts about proper execution.

A will can be changed at almost any time by a subsequent writing. However, to avoid confusion and later litigation, it may be a good idea to physically destroy any prior wills and compose a new will from scratch. Many people also opt for a medical power of attorney and a power of attorney for propert as part of their estate plan.

Types of Trusts

Illinois law recognizes several different kinds of trusts because each family has different needs and goals:

  • Testamentary Trust: A testamentary trust takes effect when the maker dies. Minor trusts are a popular option because they allow a trustee to manage the assets until the children reach a certain age or achieve a certain milestone in life.
  • Living Trust: An irrevocable living trust may help your heirs avoid certain estate taxes, while a revocable trust can be modified at almost any time for almost any purpose.
  • Land Trust: A land trust transfers the title of real property while helping to ensure privacy and a smooth transition when multiple owners are involved.

Both will and trusts can help manage your assets and shield them from creditors, while allowing a smooth line of ownership succession. A comprehensive estate plan gives you and your family additional peace of mind. For a confidential consultation, contact The Law Office of Judith Jenz in Wheaton, IL at 630-202-8842. After hours appointments are available.

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